Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Days, Finally

Yesterday we made it to the beach. I took my two youngest along with one girlfriend even though the temps were in the sixties. It was my faith in the weatherman along with the satellite image of the bank of clouds going to the east. My faith paid off, it was a sunny, pleasant day to sit on the beach. Not many swim in the water since the water temperature was in the high sixties, bone chilling cold. Usually I will venture into the water, but it wasn't happening yesterday for me. The kids went in for a short time to play in the waves and my youngest loves skim boarding. Me, I just love to sit in the sun, toes in the sand, with munchies, a bottle of water and a book. Silly me, I even brought crochet supplies with me, but didn't get to it.
As you can see by the pictures, the Atlantic Ocean in June is not filled with swimmers!

On the hottest day of this past week, I was on a golf course in Massachusetts with my brother for a tournament. This was something that I was really looking forward to-- a day spent on a nice flat golf course with my brother. I got there early to avoid the south traffic rush from NH to Massachusetts with the intent of hitting some practice shots. Well, the golf course is in the middle of massive renovations. How massive? No driving range, no practice putting, piles of dirt, temporary tee boxes (some even with the pads that you would find at a driving range) and waiting for construction vehicles to pass before hitting a ball. I felt bad for the tournament organizers, since there is no way anyone would be paying to golf there and the owners owe them big time next year if the course is finished. There were even fairways newly seeded that did not allow you to pick up the ball if it landed on it. But most of these were turned into temp. par 3 holes and we could drive it close enough to the green....unbelievable. Whine, whine, I know, but by the end of the day, I felt like I was covered in dust.

golf course work golf course construction
Bunny ears

Pictures of construction and my brother hasn't changed since he was a kid.....


  1. That looks like some of the golf courses out here.

    Aren't brothers great. I wish I liked to golf, or could do it, so I could try to wup my brothers *ss at it. Yeah right!

  2. I envy you and your beach trip. If I knew how to drive, I could make the 2 hr dive at least once a week and enjoy myself, maybe stay overnight and get sand dollars t high tide. . . o those were the days.

    At least we are finally going to have a hot sunny 4th of July here. NO RAIN! Yea!

  3. My brother lives in D.C. and keeps trying to get us to visit. My daughter is all hyped to visit Chincoteague Island. Horses and all that are her thing.

  4. the beaches where you are are so different from our beaches here, yet they are still very photogenic. I dont think you could bribe me to get in the water.

    What? No US Womens Open watching??

  5. The beach looks like fun. I don't get in to swim often anymore, but love to walk in the sand. It's fun that you got to go golfing with your brother, even with the renovations.


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