Thursday, June 28, 2007

#20 Thursday Thirteen, Driving my Kids Crazy

Due to baseball, a thunderstorm, and loss of power which led to an internet problem still not resolved by the time I left for work this morning, my Thursday Thirteen languished in TextEdit until this afternoon. Yesterday evening I was in the midst of a headache when I asked my kids for help with this week's list. This was a purely unscientific survey consisting of me asking my three boys, 14, 16 and 19, what I do that drives them crazy. Here is the unedited version, their perception of me which makes me sound like a screaming banshee, however I will personally go for Mean Mommy as a better description. It's all good though!

1. Ask questions, but don't listen to the answers.

2. Get mad at the stupidest things during my period.

3. Insist on healthy food.

4. Buy fat- free food.

5. Talk to the cat like it's human.

6. Wake them up before leaving for work, telling them not to fall asleep and then calling home 20 minutes later to make sure that they are awake.

7. Get really mad when they "fart", even thought they claim that I do it just as often.

8. Telling them to do their homework over and over again when they don't have any.

9. Tell them to do one thing and while they are doing that, yell at them to do another thing.

10. When I force them to go outside.

11. When I tell them to stop playing video games.

12. Say that their friends can't come over, just because I don't feel like driving.

13. Asking them what I do to drive them crazy.

So I guess it could be worse, even though they make it sound like I sit around yelling at them. Does any of this sound familiar to you? What am I missing? What more can I do to drive them crazy? A mother has to have some offset the hormones of teenagers.

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

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  2. God! You're a horror! Those kids of yours should be awarded Purple Hearts by summer's end! My mother's MOST annoying habit was to make me come into the living room and get my shoes, which I kicked off as soon as I got in the door and left wherever they landed. She seemed to OBSESS on the damn shoes! What if everyone in the house did that? (Well, they don't.) What if someone trips over your shoes? How will you feel then? (Amused.) She never broke me of the shoe thing, and it still annoys her, even though now it's my living room littered with shoes and not hers.

  3. I would add showing them affection in front of their friends, singing out loud around them, and telling them constantly to put the toilet seat and/or lid down. That should do it! lol Happy Thursday!

  4. Anyone 12-19 knows more than anyone else. Just ask them :)

  5. Haha... great list! I don't have kids, but I'm guilty of #5 with my dogs. :-)

  6. Oh, I do call out in a high sing,song voice when they are playing sports and say hi, unfortunately, one of them likes when I do that.

    I am so used to putting down toilet seats, been doing it all my life.

    LOL, they hate when I sing out loud.

    Shoes, we built a closet by the door and none make it in there, unless I kick them in...mmm, may have to whine about that for awhile.

  7. Yeah, I'm a mean mom, too. But the results are worth it, aren't they?

    You know how you asked me that question about Trevor and sharing? Might want to check out my blog again...

  8. #2, #5 & #7 cracked me up.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. He, he, sounds very familiar to me, except the cats, because my son also talks to them. What really gets on his nerves is when he goes out and I ask for a detailed report of the evening, lol !

  10. Fantabulous list. You never know what you will get from teenage boys. Though I will say I would never even mention period to my mother.

    ask them if they know the chick from concord

  11. Hehe if that's the worst your kids say about you, then you're doing an awesome job. I can just imagine what my 6 znd 7 years old would say. :)

  12. Number 6 sounds like a big favor you do them! And my own teenage son does number 5 himself. In fact, ever since I told him once that I disliked the term "furbaby" he calls the cat his furbaby constantly, while he carries her around and croons to her about how fuzzy she is. :P

  13. What a great idea for your list! I think yesterday my daughter would have added that I don't let her walk through our house soaking wet after she has been swimming. Very mean, I know!

  14. My kids are mortified when one of my favorite 80's songs comes on the radio and I turn it up really loud and ok, maybe dance a little while I drive. They've all been known to duck.

    My 13 year old daughter always say "MOM, people are looking!". She doesn't get that I just don't care. She will one day!!!

    I do almost all the things you do :) That doesn't make us mean moms, it makes us good ones :)

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  15. You had me giggling there. I'd hate to ask my stepson that question. Right now, he's mad because I make him clean up his own pee from the toilet. I have the excuse of being a wicked stepmother...what's your excuse?

  16. This is soo true and funny.


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