Monday, June 18, 2007

Can a Monday get any busier?

Today I worked in Blood bank and had done 8 patients by 8:30 am after finishing the morning set up and it just didn't stop. It was the busiest day for me since I started back working in the lab per diem. I did leave to go to a meeting to determine if the directions I had for stool and urine collection were accurate. So you may be asking yourself, why directions for something we do everyday? Well, we do need somewhat sterile collections, properly labeled and brought to the lab as soon as possible. It has been an interesting topic of conversation the past few days about the stools and we have a "running" joke about needing "to go" and the creative methods that are available for specimen collection. My favorite line in the directions, is: Pick a large container that you won't need to use again.

This evening my middle son played his first baseball game in five years. It was a beautiful evening, the game was not that intense and guess what I was doing while sitting in my lawn chair? Yep, got two more squares done for the afghan. It's amazing how quickly I can make them now and can crochet without directions. Like I told Shelly, if a left-handed blonde can learn how to crochet right handed from on-line photo tutorials, then anyone can. Time now to get back to the squares to tuck in the ends. Shelly should be getting my first set of squares early next week.

The limericks are all in and the judging should be taking place tomorrow night! What a great showing of creativity.


  1. I knew you'd get the hang of it!

    I just sent off my first batch, I managed to make 10. Needless to say I was up late last night as I was determined to get a full 10 off in my first mailing.

    The trick was on me though, the post office charged me for a parcel instead of an envelope because I packed it so!

  2. Now, I'm really shocked! I didn't know you were left handed until you said so the other night, and had no idea you were a blonde! LOL I gotta quit making blonde jokes.
    Can't wait to get your squares...thanks for putting them together
    Large container you won't need to use again ROFLMAO

  3. Thank you for your kind words. Just, thank you.

  4. It's comforting to know that no matter how old, or how professional, we become, we can still laugh at bodily functions. It's a great common denominator! When you said you were sitting in a lawnchair at dusk, I expected you to say something about mosquitos. How do you get them to leave you alone?

  5. LOL, just as the game was finishing up, the pesky mosquitos came out. It was a picture perfect summer evening!

  6. Well, don't forget to send my prize to: #$%&*(*%#@@$^&* lol

    Paulie who has been too busy to write in blog because she is reading hundreds of photo hunter entries and still not finished


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