Friday, April 06, 2007

Me (1) - Cat (1) , Or Why Dogs are Better

Fridays are my day off when I try to get all those pesky appointments and shopping done. I had finally set up appointments for my two cats for their shots. Now I know why I subconsciously put it off for so long.

No sleeping in for me today, things to do, places to go, rushed home from grocery shopping at 8 am, and the vet was on my list for 10 AM. So as I am putting (throwing) the groceries away while dreaming of a cup of coffee that I had not had yet, the timid cat, Muffin wanted to go out on the back porch. Aha, I thought to myself, it will be easy to get her when it's time to go. By the time I went out to get her, I spent 5 minutes chasing her around the porch and finally caught her by the door. Loudly, meowing, howling and scratching at the crate, she was good to go.

Unfortunately, Punk watched the whole stalk and capture routine and decided that he did not want to play and took off upstairs. His hiding place? In my boxspring where it took another 10 minutes to coax him out. I did finally get him, carried him downstairs had him almost in the crate when he pulled a twist, scratch and push off the crate. He ran so fast down the hall that he slid into a doorway, bounced off and flew back upstairs. So I left him and took Muffin to the vet, who meowed the whole way up the highway and back. However, she at least will stay in the room with me. Have not seen Punk yet.

But all this chaos to get two cats to the vet made me realize how easy dogs are . Dogs look at you with adoration and respond. Cats just look and do what they want. Dogs are always there for a hug, cats need to come to you first. The dog pictured above is my childhood dog and as obnoxious as he could be outside, getting loose, chasing cats and running away, Tippy was always there for a hug, a pat, or just there.

We got a Black Lab when we first got married and she was the best dog ever! Ebony was a year old, and fully trained for obedience trials. So why don't I have a dog now? We just aren't home enough, although I have been toying with the idea of training a guide dog.
In your life? Cat or Dog?


  1. Neither. But reading this, it's definitely a dog for us. Nevermind the fact that cats make me breathe like Darth Vader, I just don't think I could handle more cat personalities than I already have in this house! LOL I want a happygolucky golden retreiver. Or a pug. Because they make me laugh.

  2. A little "birdie" told me birthday wishes are in order! Happy Birthday! :)

  3. We have a dog. A lab mix puppy. He is ok for going places as long as you carry him (except he is 10 wks now and 25+ pounds). He is NOT a fan of his leash and you have to drag him. Having had both though, I can say dogs are easier.

  4. I haven't seen the dog whisperer, but I will look for it and check it out, thanks!

  5. I don't know. I've always had cats growing up and our cat Ginger we've had for 11 years. She is a bit different from other cats I've had before. She needs her morning and bedtime snuggle but she really only likes me.

    We got Oliver in August and he's always with us - he becomes my little shadow all over the house. It's kind of cool, but I'm not used to giving a pet sooo much attention.

    I think I'm actually both a dog and a cat personm, although I never thought I'd be into dogs, if you asked my husband he'd say I am. I often wonder what will happen when Ginger is gone, I don't know if I want another cat yet.

    Ginger has a bad habit of peeing on things if she's mad, her litter box is a tad dirtier than her liking or she feels afraid to walk past the dog...yikes!


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