Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#9, Thursday Thirteen Web Sites You May Find Me Lurking

What does a person's internet habits say about them? Please don't read that much into mine, just a few links to make you a little smarter or just to make you smile. Okay, so there's one that's just a little wierd! But here are 13 Random web sites that I have bookmarked.
candy heart
1. Admit it, you have been tempted in the past to go up to a magnetic sign and rearrange the letters to write your own message! At Sign Generator.com you can make signs from Church signs to candy hearts!

2. Stuff on My Cat: It's sad and funny what people do to their cats! If you are looking for something to do, there is contest going on this week to pick your favorite.....the theme this week is "Literary Cats".
Lulu cat
4. The Internet Movie Database is the site that I go to when I can't remember the names of actors/actresses or movies. It has solved a lot of arguments in our house.

5. Another website that I found while watching a movie, The Celebrity Death Toll Update, an interesting niche for a blogger, but answers those questions of, is so and so still alive? But how would you even think of starting something like this?

Punky KittenLucky Kitten

6. Kittenwar- No, not actual fights, but they put up two pictures of kittens and you vote for the cutest. Our black cat, Punky is a big loser, while Lucky our friend's kitten was a winner based on the statistics that they list for each kitten! My kids love this site and we have fun rating the kittens.

7. How Stuff works- Did you ever wonder what plasma is in televisions? Or have your kids asked you a question that you had absolutely no idea how to answer it?

8. Looking for book to read? Like a challenge? I signed up for Bookcrossing, but not a lot of books left in NH. Paperback books are left in random places with stickers and you look for them and register the find with the website. If you have done this, please let me know how it worked out for you.

9 & 10. I have a folder with two digital scrapbooking websites, Two peas in a bucket and Scrapbook-bytes, that I occasionally go and look at, but then I get nervous! Why you may ask? I am so afraid to start another hobby where I will want to buy a photo imaging program for my ibook. I know that there are bloggers out there scrapbooking and I enjoy looking at them, but where am I going to find the time? How do you do it? Any other easy sites out there?

11. You get that email with the story of the rabid man hiding under cars in mall parking lots and before you send it off to 10 of your friends, Snopes would be the site to debunk or support those urban legends.

12. CalorieKing: A great resource for dieting. Did you know that Cadbury eggs are 150 calories with 5 grams of fat? Do you care?

13. Last year I finally got rid of the toys that my kids had outgrown. I found Yardsalequeen.com and have lurked there ever since. It is fascinating to me what sells and doesn't on ebay and the people on the forums are very nice. Chris, who runs the website is a fellow blogger who blogs about bargains and yard sales.

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  1. I used to be addicted to Kittenwar, so as far as I'm concerned, your cat is a major celebrity and I feel like this is my brush with greatness!

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Yeah, what a great list of sites! Sign generator is lots of fun, and Stuff On My Cat is pretty funny, though I hope people aren't annoying their kitties too much to take some of those pictures! And I love the Internet Movie Database, Kitten War, How Stuff Works, and Snopes. Looks like we have really similar taste in Web haunts! :)

    Happy TT, and thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. I live on Snopes at times, it seems. And I've actually lost friends because I've had to ask them to check stuff there before bothering me with it. *blush*

    Anyway, I am an AVID bookcrosser. I don't do much in the way of wild releasing, but I do a lot of online trading and that sort of stuff. It's really cool to see what others thought of a book you read. If you want an entree into a really cool discussion site where you can trade, drop me an e-mail. Even with media mail rates going up, it's worth it.

    Happy TT! I'm glad you stopped by West of Mars.

  4. That's an interesting list of sites. I too visit ImDB and How Stuff Works, every now and then. I'm also interested in 2 peas, but haven't really done anything yet.
    Happy TT! :-)

  5. I've been using IMDB since the early 1990s, back when 'checking IMDB' meant 'emailing a text command'. That thing's useful, though.

    Have you found the Cat Macros and Kittypix communities?

  6. Those are fantastic! I've seen many of them, but Kittenwar is new to me. Once again, you did a dandy job!

  7. I love it when bloggers do this. I bookmarked a couple of new ones and revisited one that I had seen and temporarily forgotten about. I plan to go back to sign generator -- looks like fun. I check Snopes fairly regularly, too, and have it on my sidebar. My TT is also posted.

  8. I have seen most of these as well.

    I do a little bit of digital scrapbooking. I belong to DSP (digitalscrapbookplace.com), but don't visit there as often as I would like because I end up reading blogs...lol!

    My 13 is up as well!

    Have a wonderful evening and a HAPPY Thursday!

  9. If anyone followed me around the Internet, they wouldn't be too entertained. I read a lots around the Internet.

    Check out my TT

  10. Oh, I care about all those calories and fat in a Cadbury egg, I just don't want to know about them. I'm kinda like a dog in trouble. If I can't SEE the number of calories, then they don't exist, right???

    I love ALL those sites. I'd never been to kittenwars, but I LOVE it! Thanks! I've got four little ones. :-)

    Happy TT!

  11. I LOVE stuff on my cat! I am so excited! oh and I love the swayze-esque hunk comment :)

  12. Cool links!
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Happy TT'ing!

  13. I am familiar with a couple of these sites. Definitely have to check out the others listed - especially Kittenwar and Stuff on My Cat. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I like the list you put, this is a very nice post!
    HAPPY TT!!!!

  15. Thanks for Web site #1...I can't wait to try it! Very nice list of sites!

  16. I'm an avid bookcrosser. I even manage a local official bookcrossing zone and organize a monthly meetup.

    It's lots of fun, but lately I've been swapping books with other bookcrossers through the forum as much as leaving books "in the wild". That way I know that my books are going to people who actually want them.

  17. I love the concept of bookcrossing, but have found that a lot of books I've left at airports are never registered. Recently I've taken to sharing books via mail or completing book trades if someone sees a book on my available list that they're interested in. I even posted a link on my blog a few weeks back and had a few takers.

  18. I love Scrapbook bytes and the Digital Scrapbook Place.I could spend days looking at cool kits.

    Thanks for the great list of links, I'll have to check the Kitten wear site out.

    Have a great Thursday!

  19. I love IMDb and am on that site just as much as Wikipedia!

    Great list! Happy TT!

  20. Great list. I love How Stuff Works and Snopes.

    I'll have to go check out stuff on my cat. That's my kind of goofiness.

  21. Some of those sites I go to myself... thanks for the (subliminal) suggestion of the celebrity death toll. I knew Mr. DeForest was still alive... I could swear I saw him doing something recently. That one I was truly shocked at!

  22. Anonymous6:10 PM

    wow, what a great list of information. I want to check out a few of these. Thanks for the info and for visiting me!

  23. Oh no! you have listed things that i now will have to go and look at!

  24. That Sign Generator is soooooooo kewl! I'm just checking it out now, great TT!

  25. What a great TT! I'd thought of doing this for next week.

  26. I love calorieking. I don't, however, love it's claim that my beloved Cadbury Eggs are fattening since we all know that Cadbury Eggs are magically calorie free. I'm willing to overlook this one mistake. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  27. Oh thanks...now I am going to have to set my alarm for a half hour earlier to check out all of these sites daily. I agree that IMDB is the best site for movie stuff....love the trivia and goofs. But it comes in so handy for settling disputes (in which I am ALWAYS right). I am going to be so obnoxious when I get my iPhone...I am going to be whipping that thing out to prove myself right ALL day!

  28. Oh...and I share your concern about scrapbooking. First of all, I'm kind of convinced that it is a socially acceptable cult. Second of all, it would just pile on the guilt for the 7 years of photos that are in a box in my garage...not to mention the 5 years of digital photos on my computer. Third of all, knowing my personality, if I took it up, I would do it obsessively to the exclusion of other hobbies like showering, grocery shopping and parenting. I have the same attitude toward quilting...although I still hear its siren song when I go into a fabric store.

  29. I LOVE your list. I visit several of those sites myself. And others I will be sure to visit!

    email me - i heart loucon at hot mail dot com - and i will tell you
    more about bare escentuals.

  30. I love the sign site. I added that as a favorite. Should come in handy for blogging. Thanks

  31. I am another bookcrosser and I can only say it's the best hobby I ever had. I've been meeting great people and finding great books I would have never heard of otherwise. Wild releasing can be a bit frustrating sometimes (my catch rate is about 15%), but I keep doing it anyway.
    Great list, by the way. I am so glad I found nobody I knew on this Celebrity Death Toll site. ;o)

  32. Thanks for sharing these links - I'll check them out. Happy TT.


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