Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sagacious Saturday

sagacious |səˈgā sh əs| adjective having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrew

I am taking on Shelly's Challenge to comment and provide links to five blogs that I read during Thursday 13 that I will continue to go back and visit. Please read Shelly's post, she writes about making connections through blogging eloquently in her post " Thursday Thirteen Challenge: Link Love. This past week during the TT13, I did read a few of the posts that some of the Thirteeners had written and came up with a list in no particular order of five interesting blogs.
Blog written by a househusband who left the internet corporate life to live "the good life" in London. He is an excellent writer with a sense of thoughfulness in his posts. Today's post is on Illiteracy in America which struck a nerve with me, so I posted a comment. He writes on a variety of subjects and it is interesting to hear a perspective of America from someone living abroad. Plus, I am very, very envious of his blog, since it is professional looking and includes excerpts of posts with drop downs.

Palm Tree Fanatic
The name pulled me in and reading beyond the Thirteen, here's a mom who is busy like me and includes pictures of projects that she has done at home along with recipes. If you're a mom and can do all that, then I want your recipes! I have her bookmarked to go back and read about her life.

Teatime Ramblings
Teamouse linked to me through Amy's Random Thoughts and before I even got to Tea's blog, I was already reading another blog that she participates in about knitting. Tea is a reader and a knitter, since I am always on the lookout for another book or project, this is a blog that I plan on going back to.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs (The Dazed Delirious Dialogue of a Romantic Comedy Writer)
Her list this week was 13 Things to do before I die which in the beginning had contradictions. This lady is a a writer of romance, chick lit and women's fiction including erotic romance. Her posts are funny and life needs fun, so I have bookmarked her site to return for a smile. She is also a fellow Weight Watcher and says that all of her heroines wear double digit sizes!

Writer Cramps
Gattina is a German living in Belgium and is a cat lover. I just loving reading blogs outside of the states and she has great sense of humor. This past 13 list was original: 13 things I hear in my fitness club, and included some very funny pictures. She has 4 cats and I do love reading stories of cats to make sure that ours are indeed normal and not alien creatures.

There's my list, so go out and share the "link love"!


  1. Good Girl! I can't wait to check them out. The first is the one that interests me most, but they all look fun.
    What did you choose on Blogrolling to get the TT list? I want that scrolling bar!
    I bought HTML for Dummies & CSS for Dummies and I'm feeling dumber by the second!
    Hope you are getting some rest!

  2. I'm honored that you included my blog in your list, Jenny. Thank you very much. You really made my day. :-D

    I'll definitely be checking out the other blogs you listed, too.

  3. Thanks for including my blog, I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog - I've been coming to your's for a bit now thanks to Amy. I am both honored and surprised by this!

    Which knitting blog are you reading regularly?

    I'm going to have to check out your other blogs that you included.


  4. wow! I am so honored! see my 100 things on the right hand column, you can know anything you want of me there!
    thanks so much for visiting and the nice words!

  5. Holy ghost ! you like my blog ? That's great, that makes me happy ! You can't imagine how blogging changed my life ! I got so bored since I am retired and didn't know what to do with my days ! Last year in February I came back from a trip in Egypt and looked for documentation of Egyptian cats. I had never had any interest in Internet ! and from the Egyptian cats, I found forums and then discovered the word "Blog" ! I had to look it up in Wikipedia because I had no idea what it was and then I jumped in ! Now 9 month later, I made my baby (even in time, lol)and if on top people like what I write I am purring like a big fat cat !
    Thank you so much !

  6. Thank you very much for your comment on my Europe story ! To answer your question about languages. I really don't know in which language I am thinking it has to be either german or french my main languages, level equal. You know in your subconscience you probably consider it as one language, it's difficult to explain. When you know languages at this point you never translate, you just open your mouth and speak. Now for english I have to use my dictionary for words because I have a lack of vocabulary which is normal I suppose. It's enough for conversations, but when I write here, sometimes words are missing.


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