Monday, March 26, 2007

Do You Have a Wish List?

You know you do, even if you don't tell anyone!
In my quest for more blog information, I found a site that I bookmarked to take some time to learn HTML and CSS. CeeCi at Geekystreak has taught herself and used the following book as a resource, HTML and CSS in 24 Hours. Off I went to Amazon and put it on my wish list so I could remember the title because the older I get, the more I forget. My wish is to understand the different parts of the template page.

Enough with the blog wishes, here is my simple wish shared by many women my age!

After a sleepless night, I wish for 8 hours of uninterupted sleep, which would mean no cat around my feet, not waking up when everyone decides to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and keeping my body at the same temperature. Gotta love those night sweats.

So what's on your wish list? Something Extravagant? Simple?


  1. Oh, YOUR wish is definitely mine!! I'd also like an ergonomically correct chair!
    I sent you an e-mail & decided to check one more time before I gave up for the night. I'm going to go try to get that first wish!
    Have a good one!

  2. Well.. I wish for world peace and if I can't have that I'd wish I had a telephoto lens for my camera.

    Do you have RSS feed on your blog?

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  4. I'm definitely with you on the blogger template wish list. I wish I could figure out the whole designing your own template thingy - one day maybe.

    I also would like a new computer that isn't running out of space. I am tired of juggling my programs to free up space when it gives me the stern 'low memory' talking to!

  5. I wish I could eat all the donuts I wanted without gaining a pound. I love donuts. THough technically I suppose that wish would come true, as I wouldn't gain A pound but several.

  6. I wish I could find a new teaching job.

    I wish I could figure a way to use my photos to make money.

    I wish I could find my daughter.

    I wish I could find a new place to live.

    I wish I could clean my house by saying a magic word.

    I wish it would stop raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish people that visit my blog would comment more.

    I have more. . . but I bet you wish you had never asked! lol



Any thoughts or musings of your own to add?