Saturday, December 02, 2006

Finally Back to Blogging

So in over 6 months of a person's life, a lot can change. After a tumultuous summer spent with an 18 y/o becoming independent, FB is off to college where he loves it and is finding his place. We had 3 weeks without the younger two during this same time which gave me time to get used to working back in a hospital again. Then we caught up with them in Nova Scotia for a quick one week vacation and it was back to home. The summer flew into football workouts, few beach days and then school began, without me. The fall was a whirlwind of football games with middle guy playing swing so it was two games a week that he was dressed and became a force on the JV team. Bub ran all Fall with Xcountry and now runs 2-3 days after school with whoever wants to run, while I go and be the "adult" available. I tried to run, check out Couch to 5k in 7 weeks, but am now back to walking 10 miles a week.

It feels great to not be a teacher. I do miss a lot of the kids, but I am able to see a few of my favorites at events around town. But I don't miss the cliques among the adults in a high school, nor the stress of Special Education. In talking to other middle age professionals who went back to school to become a teacher, I have learned that we are in an awkward place in the hierarchy of a school; too old to be accepted by the young new teachers and too new to be accepted by the experienced teachers. It's not that I became a teacher to make friends, but it would have been nice to have respect and cooperation from a few of the adults. However, I do miss some of the teachers and get to visit them when I drop off the kids.

Now that I am working in a less stressful position I have made time for myself and oh my, this body needs some work. Weight Watchers is now one of my most frequently visited website as I try to lose the 30 lbs that I gained while working at the high school. After 8 weeks, the weight is moving slower than molasses. I am counting points and walking and it just ain't coming off!

Reading a variety of books, finishing a scarf that I am knitting, making some beaded jewelry, learning how to run to train for a 5k, clearing out some stuff from the house, try selling some stuff on ebay and maybe, just maybe do some online scrapbooking --> are all goals of mine for the next few months. But to keep my blog somewhat interesting, I would like to leave a link for a Web site that I check out and find interesting.

Today's website of interest:YardSale Queen
The forum is interesting to read since it's a group of people into buying and reselling stuff! There is a lot of good Ebay information to be learned and it's a positive board to visit. Actually, now that I think about it, most forums are usually pretty good, must be the intent of people helping people.

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