Sunday, March 05, 2006

PDA Download Adventures

So I have been perusing the downloads for my Tungsten E PDA, looking for a English-Danish translator for my trip in three weeks to Denmark. Since I could not find a cheap (aka free) dictionary to download, I just kind of meandered through programs for my PDA. I now have a Diet and Exercise Assistant downloaded on it. Then while I was trying to use it, my screen froze on the PDA which seems to be a recurring problem. However with a quick search of the problem through Google, I was able to download a program that I hope will fix the digitizer problem.

More about the diet program, it calculates how many calories you should have to lose x amount of pounds based on current weight and time that you want to lose it in. I quickly changed the amount of weight that I wanted to lose, because there was no way that I could survive on 700 calories a day. It has a huge food database to keep track of calories, carbs, protein and fats, along with an exercise database. For any foods that I can't find on the database, I can add them in and I found a really cool website with a huge database at Calorie King. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with the counting and I figure that I am still ahead of the game, if I am not giving Weight Watchers my money.

The one really very bad thing about teaching full time? Equals--> weight gain of 20 pounds in 4 years. I know that the weight gain is due to decrease of exercise with a slight increase in alcohol consumption. Got to get out and walk some more, increase the exercise and decrease the intake. Good sound advice!

But on to really cool news, I am definitely going to Denmark at the end of the month with a guidance counselor and 12 students. It is a great group of kids and I am very excited to visit our "sister" school in Haslev. We have hosted two students in the past two years and I have had the pleasure of going down to Boston to meet the Danish group. My first trip abroad and I will only be missing two days of school! We have Intersession scheduled for another three days and I thank all the wonderful students of BHS for not picking Knitting so I can go to Denmark! ( LOL- we put together a knitting intersession, that no one signed up for, our hearts were not broken!)

Here's to a busy month of March!

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