Monday, March 20, 2006

A Day in the Life: March 20

will be
the old one here

Today was designated " Day in the Life" by the Flickr website. It is an interesting concept, especially when I start comparing the drab browns of my March to some of the very colorful pictures that others submitted. I don't know why, but my badge to the left now has all my day in the life pictures. It was not a very eventful day, except I did get the Christmas village put away. We have it on the three season porch where we keep our firewood, so it wasn't in the way of anything. My youngest was home sick with a very high fever, it was two degrees over what I felt comfortable with and decided to stay home and keep an eye on him. My set is at this site and then everyone had to submit five pictures to this pool. There are very unique pictures submitted and the theme was to include pictures of front doors.

It was my second day out of school in a row! This past Friday I had to go to Massachusetts for my Uncle's wake and the funeral was on Saturday. So even with a "long" weekend, it felt anything but!

Cancer has struck our family again and out of six siblings, there are now only two, my Dad and his oldest sister. This was our second funeral in two years for my Dad's family and it just keeps feeling like the clock's a ticking. Such a trite saying, I know, but as my Aunt told me at this past wake, "Your generation is going to be the old one here". Gee, thanks. Yet, my Uncle's death was not a surprise except it was a lot quicker than we thought with the cancer he was diagnosed with. Less than 9 months and he was able to see and speak to everyone that he wanted to. My cousin's eulogy was beautiful and real and if you could script a good death, then my Uncle Paul's would have been in the running. But at the "going away party" or as others would call, the reception after the funeral, with all the rooms in my cousin's house, I kept feeling that my Uncles would be in just the other room with my brother and grandparents and I was just missing them leaving the room as I entered. But they weren't physically there and won't be again and that is hard to deal with. But in my mind, it still felt like they were there and always will be. Just empty chairs at empty tables as sung in Les Miz.

The week feels bleak to me already with the weather being cold and with eight hours in a plane ahead for me on Friday. Too much to do in so little time! Gotta think happy, positive and energetic thoughts! It was my day in a life, but there is a need to make more of my life worth something.


  1. thanks for stopping by my place. to answer your question, teachers cant do anything but stand there.

    as for my template, i learned from trial and error. found some at and then realized it wasn't all that hard to do a basic template. a few html things you need to know, but you can find code for just about anything you want. i'm on yahoo if you decide to change and want to talk with someone who has struggled through it.

  2. I bet you thought I did not read this cause I never comment, but I do. It has almost been a month since your last blog? Where are you? Blogstipated? or just busy?


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