Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What__ Me Worry?

Midterms are next week, I present my sped case tomorrow to the visiting team, middle son isn't studying for his first HS midterms and I am in the process of trying to reconnect with my previous employer about a Sales/customer service position. Then to top it off, we found out that we qualify for nothing next year for financial aid which changes my desire to work part-time just a little bit. Seriously though, I really find working fulltime draining.

But back to the art of worry, I think the sophomore male attitude towards work is rubbing off on me. However, unlike them, I was so prepared for this case study before vacation and just had a few touch up items to take care of in the past week. Seems that I am only Sped teacher presenting who knew how to do charts on excel, so I have been helping out the other teacher in my school prepare for hers which was today. During class today, I was talking to my student who is the subject of the case study and he is just as laid back about it as I am. Let the cards fall, it is, what it is. I told him that I was worrying more about my lack of worrying and he knew what I was talking about. It's like, this is going way too well, what did I overlook?

This next week will be a constant struggle to get kids to prepare/study for their midterms. It wouldn't be so bad, but I know that 1/2 of the parents will flip when these kids fail, but we are doing what we can to engage them in quizzing each other. Some of the jocks just may not be playing next quarter, poor choices, wrong decisions and consequences all add up. Today I even had a student admit that they were only reading Sparknotes for Hiroshima. (Not one of my favorite books, but has a very powerful message).

This is my third full year in this position as a High School resource teacher and I am finally beyond doing the worrying about these kids, I do what I can, but I am not responsible for the first 8 years. Usually, most of the slackers have an epiphany by junior year, when they realize how important every credit is. The comment I hear from juniors is, "Gee, I wish I had worked harder the first two years". This year we have two sophomores who have already made the "turn". Could it be possible that the "What__ me worry" of my students has worn off on me?

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