Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/21 Fun with Food

3 1/2 Circles at Lunch
1/21 Photograph Meal or Play
Both / Mealtime / Amuse Yourself

A food shot, which I usually love, but they are hard to do when you are hungry. The circles were reduced by a few bites as I was starving after golf that morning. We walked and I played with the ladies nine hole group, so we moved slowly, after 4 hours, I had to leave at the 16th hole because I had plans to go to the beach. We finally had hot enough weather! Initially, I was going to use some fruit shots, but they went quickly in the blender with some yogurt for a smoothie.

D and I went to the public beach where there is free parking, which isn't a big deal for us, but there is a public rest room. The interesting part of this particular beach is that it must be listed in travel guide because there are a lot of tourists who frequent the beach. You can tell by their very white or sun burnt skin along with their poor beach etiquette, either feeding the sea gulls or putting a dollar store kite in the sky and leaving it there while they leave for the day. Always something to amuse me while at that beach.

21/365 Sunrise Reflected

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