Sunday, January 11, 2015

1/11 White

 White on Red
1/11 Photograph White
Neutral / Ivory / Pearl

Flickr 11/365 Red Cups
I had set up the poster board and white tablecloth for light this morning and just had the pearls. Ended up being a good practice with my flash and light bouncing. The red cups were used for a contrast along with the red prompt for the flickr group. I liked the contrast of the white on the red. The cups were found in one of our Christmas decoration boxes from our in- laws, I was hoping there would be plates, but I didn't find any.

Later on in the day, we had a birthday dinner for S and I made a cake from a box that I had in the cabinet. And yes, cake mixes get old, I guess 5 years is too long for a cake mix. A quick look on the internet and a homemade chocolate cake was made. The cake was the Basic Chocolate Cake Recipe and without sour cream in the house, vanilla yogurt was substituted.  A little too sweet, but there is room for improving it next time.
From old and flat to chocolate goodness

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