Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17 Beach Sunrise

Beach Sunrise
12/17 Photograph 5 (or 25)
Countdown / Advent / Calendar

I guess I could call this my countdown till the flight home on 12/17. If there is one prompt that I really don't like in the cy365, it would have to be the number prompts. Finding the number seems so contrived when there are other quality photos that can be taken that represent a moment in my day. Finally, I got myself up before sunrise to get pictures at the beach. It helped that with the weather finally warming up, I did not have to wear layers. I got there early with time to play with the settings on my camera and to set up the small tripod that I have at the condo.  With my coffee mug, beach chair and a couple of lens, I was ready for the the sun to rise. With the low cloud cover, I wasn't sure if there would be much to see, but I ended up with a group of shots that I liked. It helped that the birds added some contrast to the photos.
Sun peeking through the clouds at the horizon

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