Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/24 Straight Drives

 Thankful for Straight Drives
11/24 Give Thanks for Enough to Share
Bountiful / Plenty / Abundant

Today I brought my DSLR camera to the golf course since I played a quick nine early in the morning and then met up with my Uncle to play another 18 later on in the morning. I could have gone with food for the prompt, but since I was riding in a cart, I wanted to get some pictures at the course. The suggestion for the prompt was to take a picture on a slant and this alligator shot worked out for that part of the prompt. Luckily, I was hitting straight drives which keeps me away from the water where the alligators were sunning themselves.The dinner that I cooked that night for my Aunt and Uncle was not bountiful because we were flying home the next home, it was just enough!

We also came across a snapping turtle on our last hole, the first of the Fall golfing for me.

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