Monday, August 04, 2014

First Four Days of August

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Busy weekend starting on Friday. I was asked to photograph a wedding in two weekends and I needed to check out the wedding location with the bride's grandmother, my friend S. Off to Hampton Falls in the morning where I was pleased to see that the chapel where they are going to be married in has a lot of windows which means I can take non-flash photos. The reception is outside and I am feeling better about agreeing to do it.  The long wooden fence is behind the chapel with an Apple orchard on the other side, a perfect spot for outside photos. 

Then I went blueberry picking with my friend in the afternoon where the blueberry picking is easy.  Saturday morning we were the first people into the League of NH Craftsmen fair where we enjoyed the crafts without the hordes of people that are there later in the day. Then in the afternoon after a quick lunch at home we headed up to Maine to help my brother out with his move. Sunday after moving some furniture we finished the weekend off with meeting a friend for golf in Bethlehem, NH where the course is hilly with beautiful views of Mt. Washington. 

Today I played catch up with posting my photos for the week. I did not have time on Saturday morning to get the morning routine photo because it was a self-portrait that still takes time for me as I have to set up the tripod and work with the light. Today in between loads of laundry, I got the shot. I should have closed the door, but there were two cats laying in the sun. Having that background light throws off the exposure and I added a "sun flare" effect in Lightroom to blend the light. 

I hung the laundry out and took some clothes line pictures but without a breeze, they weren't inspiring for me. I used a mountain shot from yesterday as a substitute.  I could have used the photo from last month with sheets, however, I like to try to use photos from within a week as much as I can. 

Today's photo was an easy one to take since there are so many flowers in the garden. After taking the photos and getting them uploaded, I started on a marathon day of mowing most of the yard, errands in town, picking up my son at the airport and getting ready for vacation. Not having Market Basket available on the way home from Manchester caused me to lose a little bit of my soul today since I had to go into the evil empire store that rhymes with smart. The beer prices were good for the smaller than expected selection, but I wasn't impressed with the food prices. It is going to get interesting here in NH if Market Basket remains the way it is right now. 

More macro shots from today.

Behind a Dahlia

Our rogue tomato plant growing in a flower pot.

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