Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Luminosity and Three

Pond Reflections
7/22 Photograph Luminosity
Brightness / Radiated Energy / Reflected

3 Ducks
7/23 Photograph 3
The Number / Written / On the Ground

So hot, these past two days and my photos are all about water. Yesterday's luminosity/reflection photo was taken at the pond behind my house. I had seen the stump last week on a walk and was hoping that I could either get that or a blooming lily pad with a reflection. But there were no lilies in bloom yesterday, however, there was this spider web that I could have used. My eyes were drawn to the flowers on the bush in the light and the web looked wispy until I got the photo downloaded where I then saw the spider web. This photo on the left was cropped to highlight the spiderweb.  Overall, the picture I chose is a much better picture with the lighting and the reflections of the stump and reeds on the shore.

Today's photo was taken right before my cousin/aunt and I were getting ready to go out floating. I was suppose to get the number 3, but unless I stopped on the highway today to get a picture of the moose crossing sign for 3 miles sign, I wasn't seeing threes. Three ducks made the cut instead. It was hot and muggy today especially after we did a 2 mile walk. Floating on the pond was a great way to spend the afternoon and we had a friend join us. With the poison ivy that I am now sporting on my forearm, the cool water was perfect.

Yesterday's Texture Tuesday photo made me realize that I don't know the name of butterflies that are in my garden.  A commenter had provided the name of yesterday's butterfly, which was a Great Spangled Fritillary. We had a butterfly hanging out in the liatris yesterday and I took way too many pictures. This appears to be a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail based on matching it with a butterfly found at It's another tattered wing butterfly.

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