Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Pointed Fence by Beach
4/22 Photograph Barbed
Pointed / Wire / Barrier

When I saw this prompt for today, I knew what the subject would be. This is the top of a fence by the beach parking lot that I went to yesterday. The chameleon scooted into the picture and is a bonus. After taking the picture, I had to crop out some branches and wished that I had been more observant at the time.

It was an early start today with a 7 AM Tee time to practice some of the things I learned yesterday. I love getting out that early in the morning, it is so relaxing to golf that way. It's not a problem for me to get up that early when this is what I get to see while eating breakfast. These were all taken this morning and is a good example of how picking the right exposure settings can completely change a photograph. My intent was to do a HDR photo, but I don't like how the photo merge works in PSE10. 

After golf, I was eating lunch by the window when I saw all kinds of dolphin activity outside. I think there at least 6 dolphins out by the wall and some little leaping. I ran out with my camera and then hung out by the pool with occasional photo watches on the pier for the dolphin leap of the year. No big, wonderful leaps and I ended up deleting a lot of water, fin and splash photos. When I was finally reading and relaxing, I heard a small, loud child heading for the pool and that was my incentive to get down to the beach for the picture above. It was a good afternoon to sit on the beach also. Will definitely miss the choice of beach or pool next week!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your top photo is a winner! You did well to capture that :-)
    Love the rusty spike......


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