Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Shells Arranged
3/12 Photograph Arranged
Cookies / Flowers / Laundry

Today's prompt instructions were to photograph a stack of something and to create shallow depth of field by using a wide aperture on the lens to blur the background. I am really happy with how the bowl of shells turned out with focus and color contrasts. Plus I got some bokeh, the sparkles of light in the background. I took about 10 shots of different shell arrangements around the condo, but this turned out to be the best choice. It's interesting that this has a blue and orange color theme, same as yesterday's photo!

This morning we called the local golf course to see if they had any open tee times. There were 3 cancellations between 10 and 1030 AM, we now know why. We went out with another single golfer and got stuck in 3 good rain showers, it was pouring, but we stuck it out by either sheltering by trees or in one of the bathroom/drive through buildings that they have on the course. After the last shower, we were totally soaked! But the difference between being soaked here in March or in NH in October is that at least here, you stay warm. We knew we would have at least one shower and I didn't bring my camera. Such a shame, since the flock of white pelicans were on the river and with my DSLR camera, I would have been able to get close ups shots.  The iPhone camera doesn't do it justice, plus I can never quite get the close ups with the iPhone. The flock of birds flew over head and we counted at least 50 birds. 

In the evening, Marc and I drove down to the beach to take a walk. There is a park with boardwalks to the beach that also has a shower and foot washing station. It's a good people watching beach since there are usually large families/tourists there. The water was colder than we expected, and there were only a few people in the water.  It was nice to be out walking and getting miles done this way, sure is easier than freezing and watching my step in snow and ice. Wish I could take credit for the sand castles, but I can't. However, we did write the relax in the sand and I think it fits for the day.

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