Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Cut up Vegetables for Soup
3/25 Photograph Aromatic
Sweet / Scented / Fragrant

Perfect prompt for today, this soup was already planned for today. Hearty Ham and Lentil soup with a ton of vegetables for supper tonight. The other part of the prompt was to capture texture in the photo and with the vegetables there were all kinds of texture on the cutting board. The reflection of the cut vegetables was just a bonus. I did cook the ham hock ahead to get rid of the fat and then chopped the meat to cook with the soup. It was delicious. 

Today was a cooking day for me as I also made a salad, cut up strawberries for strawberry shortcake and then mixed ingredients for bran muffins. The bran muffin mixture had to gel together for a few hours and I made a small batch this evening. Came out great, but will have to cook them for less time here. The biggest problem is going to be not eating them quickly. That much bran would not be good for anybody's system!

Getting ready for company tomorrow with all this cooking and cleaning. But I still had to get my exercise in today, so I combined  my need to practice golf with walking. The walk and company was good, the golf, could have been better. Very breezy today and the weather is predicted to be cool in the AM. That means for my early morning Tee time, I will need to dress warmer than shorts and sleeveless golf shirt. 

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  1. ordinary ingredients = colorful and provocative photo


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