Saturday, February 22, 2014


2/22 Photograph Oh Boy
Surprise / A Boy / Excitement

No boys awake around here this morning, nothing surprising, so here is my husband showing the excitement of a beautiful morning. He got his exercise chipping ice in the driveway and I let him at it since I got enough quality time with the driveway during the week's snow storms. Instead, I went for a nice 2.5 mile snow shoe hike with my neighbor. 

The real excitement of the day came when we took care of the snow on the back porch roof. There was no way that I was going up on the roof. But I did have a roof rake that I used to help with the bottom edge. There was definitely a good two feet of snow on this back roof. I had to get creative in getting a bottle of water up to my husband, the first bottle that I threw is somewhere in the back yard. After that mis-throw, I used a bungee cord and got a bottle up to the roof using a snow rake. It was so nice, we were out in shirt sleeves today, if only this would last!

Because spring seems so far away, I am going to post flowers from last year's garden as much as possible! 
Here are some tulips with a little bit of texture added. Enjoy!

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