Thursday, June 07, 2012

Spring Shots and Thoughts

Mark Twain's quote," If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes" is still true over one hundred years later. This past week has been no different, and I work in a cave, literally. I have no window to the outside world unless I go to a cafeteria or to a patient's room. When I leave the hospital, I feel like a mole leaving the dark. Lucky for me though, some of my days off have been beautiful has shown in the photo above. After a week of rain, I hope that holds true for tomorrow. The unfortunate side of the rain? Everything has grown this week, including the weeds.
After getting my errands in tomorrow, I hope to take more pictures. More fun than weeding! Can you name this plant?


  1. Mathilda. That is what I would name that plant :-). I've seen it before, but what is it? It's lovely, anyway. I would love to see more pics. Missing you, my friend.

  2. Lady Slipper, it's a protected plant in NH. Life is busy here, why did I go back to work full time? LOL, college and avoiding loans. I am still around! Just lurking more.


Any thoughts or musings of your own to add?