Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Colors

Autumn NH Pond by jennymcb
Autumn NH Pond, a photo by jennymcb on Flickr.
We are due to get rain and wind tomorrow and I wanted to get some pictures of the autumn colors for my sons. Living in California and in Georgia, they won't get to experience the colors. The colors are muted this year and I used Iphoto to boost the contrast.

Autumn Colors
I had the day off today and spent most of it getting some schedules and work blocks done as I have a big project for the next 8 weeks to work on. I decided to take my camera along with me when I went out to pick up my weekly CSA vegetables. A quick loop off the main road took me to the local reservoir for this picture. I have always been a sucker for foliage shots reflected in water.
Fall Aster
My garden is looking wild with my Mums getting ready to bloom and the Asters popping out.

I would like to try to do a photo diary of my front garden by the street. It's the one that I don't do too much since it's where I have had exposure to poison ivy. Luckily, I have a great husband who helps with the weeding.
This last picture is of our poor tomato plants, the best two tomato plants that I have ever planted. The crop has been never ending. They love being in the sun and at the edge of the porch to catch all the rain! Looks like I need to pick some more.


  1. Love all those colors! I didn't have one fresh off the vine tomato this year, that has got to be a first. Pathetic!

  2. Four seasons! I love them all! Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am to be able to experience the fall colors live and in person, every year.


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