Sunday, June 05, 2011

Back again

Well if you read my post about 3 posts ago, you will know that we experienced a loss in our family last fall. The winter wasn't much better as Poppa ended up with surgery in December which we didn't think he would survive. Well he did, but not without some complications. After a month in the hospital and a month at Rehab, he came to live with us for 6 weeks then moved into an assisted living apartment where he spent 10 days before ending up back at the hospital. It was only 5 days later that he died at hospice house. Pretty sad that everyone there remembered us, but nice to be greeted with hugs. But as my youngest son said, once Poppa came to live with us, that he was not getting better, was not happy and didn't we notice it? I guess we were just hoping that once he was back living on his own with people his own age that he would get better.  It just never happened. Basically, I feel like we have been living through a really bad Danielle Steele book, what more can be thrown at us? Or as my husband pointed out, it's like living a quote from My Cousin Vinny, " let me see, what else can we pile on? Is there any more shit we can pile on to the to of the outcome of this case?! (Stares upward to indicate him thinking of anything else) Is it possible?! (looks up again)"

There's been plenty enough now to keep us busy, the apartment got emptied out within the month and now we just have their house to take care of until it gets sold. Meanwhile, I have been working on squares for Share a Square and the first batch went out yesterday.

I did the drive again down South with my parents to Florida and then back again a month later. Both times a stop in Savannah gave us time to visit with 2nd son who is doing well at school. He is home now for 2 weeks and then we drive back down again with some furniture and another stop to Gettysburg with our two youngest. Working full time is challenging, but I love my job and it keeps me on my toes. Our youngest son is graduating high school this week and we will be empty nesters this fall. Now that is going to be an interesting concept!
Meanwhile, after a winter of stress eating, I joined a weight loss program through the hospital where I drank HMR shakes for  breakfast and lunch while eating dinner. The dinner choices were limited, but it's working, so I don't care. 19 pounds later, I can live without alcohol, fake sugar, diet soda and red meat. Really, it's quite okay. Now I just have to get some exercise and I will be all set!
There's my musing for the past 6 months, not much, but more than enough for us.


  1. Welcome back! I am also taking a short break. . . well maybe a long one. . . but it is good to read yours again. I am sorry for your loss. Take cae!

  2. Well, that is a lot of "anxiety stimuli" as we say out here. I am sorry y'all lost your Poppa, but how good is it to have family and friends that look out for each other? That is a cool thing. He knew he was loved. xo nancy

  3. Thank you Paulie and Mommy!

  4. Welcome back, Jenny McB! I'm glad you're back to blogging, even though I was sorry to learn some of what you had to say.

    But Share a Square sounds like a wonderful activity. Good for you!

    If you get a chance, stop on over to my blog, where you'll see a prestigious award awaiting you.


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