Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Presidential Turkey pardon and other lame holiday stories

This morning we got to see a turkey being cooked on a morning business show which, gee, I haven't seen that story before. Nor have we seen the Butterball hotline story, but then we have, every single year. These types of repetitive story lines just demonstrate that television writers take an early holiday vacation and leave interns running the show.

In the afternoon, it was President Obama pardoning the turkeys. Do you think he really likes that part of his job? It's truly a lame story every year. As I sputtered in my brain about this tradition, I realized that I am 2008, I blogged about the tradition. Every time I hear this story, I feel bad for the president.

Enough with the complaints, enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends. Take the time to give thanks for the good in your life and to share that with others.


  1. Well, this Thanksgiving, we had three days of snow just before so I was thankful for that! Gee, I missed the pardoning with Obama. . . wonder if I will live? If course I will . . . I have only seen one President do it and I even forgot who. Old age must be a blessing in some ways, do you think? Oh, I forgot you're still a young thing! Ü Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful in other ways.

  2. I heard that both Obama and Biden pardoned turkeys -- I think it was in order to have TWO PR opportunities in TWO locations though the Prez did manage to say with a straight face that it was so the "official" turkey could have a back up. You know, like the runner up in the Miss America pageant.


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