Friday, April 09, 2010

Track Season and Long Meets in the Rain

Did I really say that the weather Gods loved New England? Well some devilish little sprite screwed up with the weather for today and the clearing that was suppose to happen became rain, all afternoon.
Throughout the day, I kept checking to see if the high school track meet would be canceled/postponed, no such luck. Have you ever gone to a High school track meet? Today it was like watching paint dry, in the rain. There were a couple of exciting races, but not enough to get me revved up, and warm. Doesn't help that my son only ran the two mile which is the at the end of the meet. ( he came in fifth and his ending was exciting)
We were on our way home at 730 pm and the only thing I could think of for supper was pasta. I wanted some buttery, cheesy pasta and that's what I made, elbow macaroni with butter, parmigiana, asiago and mozarella cheese. Just as I opened the can of tomatos, my son was home and only wanted it with butter, cheese and salt. For us, it's a comfort food, warm and filling.
What is your comfort food?


  1. Mmmm yum. Your Ode to Mac & Cheese sums up comfort food perfectly! It must be a carb thing, but I'd add Ramen noodles and turkey w/stuffing (Boston Market is near the el stop)

  2. Paulie- The turkey and stuffing would work for me also! I get my fix at work, no more Boston Market here.

  3. Thanks for the note above. Our Boston Market pulled out of here too.

    My comfort food is lemon -- anything lemon.


Any thoughts or musings of your own to add?