Monday, January 04, 2010

Brownie Pan Thoughts

Since when is a regular 13 x 9 glass casserole dish that you use for casseroles not okay to use for brownies? I was in the kitchen section of a store recently where my friend and I just couldn't get over the special brownie pans that are sold when our glass casserole or metal pans have been just fine. Then there are the pans that have the sections already cut out, or as advertised, "The Perfect Brownie pan.( Love this on Amazon: As Seen on Tv)
Or how about the perfect edge pan, for those of us who enjoy the chewy edges? There's a pan for that: Edge Brownie Pan.
Here's a novel idea, keep it simple and use the pans you have. I can't even imagine where I could keep all the assorted specialty pans that are available. Can you imagine our great grandmothers coming back to life and going though the cooking section of a store? I'm now in the mood for brownies, time to get out my reliable 13 x 9 casserole.

What was the last item that made you question the "need" when you go shopping?


  1. I bought this special cookie sheet from a Demarle (sp) party and have never used it yet! It cost a fortune so am saving it for . . . my grandchildren I guess. lol You are right -- no need for a new pan when the "old" one works just fine!

  2. That's funny! You see a lot of bizarre gadgets in the kitchen stores these days. Have you seen the cake pan that lets you put filling inside - I'm amazed I didn't get that gifted to me, my kids thought it was the neatest thing ever. For me it's all about the needless electronic devices, the ones that only do one thing, such as a quesidilla maker and an egg cooker. Too much - I'd run out of storage space in no time.

    Do you have a great brownie recipe to share, perhaps?


Any thoughts or musings of your own to add?