Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Know Why Healthcare is Expensive

I have a suggestion for reducing health costs in our country, and it's pretty simple. If the number of medication commercials was reduced, let's say from 8 in one newscast to 1, then maybe we wouldn't have people going to their doctor with dry eyes, heartburn or "going" problems. With all the studies that are funded by pharmaceutical companies, I know that my idea is destined to fail. But it would make an interesting study. By the way, I want to be in the group that gets to watch tv without the ads if you know of a possible study.

National health care controversies aside, it was pleasant watching tv in London without drug commercials. Maybe if we didn't publicize all the possible ailments out there, we may just have a healthier nation.


  1. Even though I have worked on pharmaceutical accounts in the past, I agree with you. But for a slightly different reason. The hypochondriac factor hadn't occurred to me, but I do know of a Cialis commercial that prompted a friend of mine to have a conversation with her young son neither of them was ready for. Remember the year Janet Jackson suffered the wardrobe malfunction at The Super Bowl? My friend was less concerned about her boys seeing a woman's nipple than explaining what was wrong with Coach Mike Ditka, Cialis' spokesman that evening.

    TMI! TMI!

  2. So, you think we are a nation of hypochondriacs? Could be. Last night, we were howling at a commercial about a medication advertisement that warned, "tell your doctor before planning surgery."
    I'd probably do that without being warned, wouldn't you?

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