Friday, October 02, 2009

Just Apologize, Don't make Excuses

When you do something bad or stupid that hurt others, I think an apology is in order and should be an apology without the reason. For example, Kanye West apologizes for jumping on the stage to interrupt an award presentation and then the next day says it was because he is still grieving his mother's death. Had me at sorry, lost me at the excuse. There is no excuse, admit it, stupid action, shouldn't have done it and leave it at that. The reason doesn't make it okay, it just cheapens the apology.

If you're underage and you get caught drinking, own up and don't make the excuse that everyone does it. (Because there are kids staying home on weekend nights not drinking)
If your husband beats you and you smoke pot, those are two exclusive actions, one doesn't become a reason for another.
If you can't sleep and use your celebrity status to obtain drugs, that makes you a drug addict, not a misunderstood celebrity.
If you are failing a class, it's not because the teacher doesn't like you, it's because you aren't doing the work. (Feel free to insert failing- not getting a raise, class = work, teacher =boss)

There's always a reason behind an action, but not an excuse. Bottom line, own up, admit your fault, learn from it and move on.


  1. The world would be a better place if we could all do that BUT unfortunately, the world encourages us to make excuses because you won't be "in the club" if you don't. sigh

  2. Because of the Michael Jackson sags, my friend John and I have wondered why we tend to romanticize victims but discount survivors. Whitney Houston rehabbed and released a new CD, and Streisand (who has lived to be 65+ and lived with no excuses) also has new music out, but the public seems more interested in why we fall, rather than how we get back up (or, as in Babs' case, manage not to fall at all).

    I wonder if our tendency to glamorize the tragic hasn't influenced school kids. I CAN'T succeed, I'm DESTINED to fail because I'm to different, too fragile, too special.

    It's too bad.


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