Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If There's No Blog, who gets to hear me?

This Gal had a good question about who got to hear me rant and rave when I took my blogging vacation. Well there's my poor co-workers who I tend to tease unmercifully, the hard worker is called the slacker, the quiet young tech becomes the mouth and the talkative tech becomes the quiet one. I get to work in another department for extra money with a nice group of young techs under the watchful eye of the supervisor who I have worked with before and teases me about my whining. It's so bad that there is a really new tech who started a month ago who just wants me to work with her, I will have to work a day to think up a name for her.

Then there's my poor family who get to hear me, however, ranting and raving is a family sport, so I have competition. After the second one went off to college, I guess I needed to come back to the blog to give my husband and remaining son a break. Listening to my youngest, I realized that his ranting is over the top and he needs to tone it down. He'll have to learn that honesty doesn't always equal nice, but that tempering one's words can keep friendships. But boy, he can be dead on about high school drama.

My thought for the day? How come I am the one that has to meet "guys" for roofing, siding and window estimates? Seriously? I would rather be meeting guys with better propositions....vacation in the sun, travel around the world or let me spend their money.


  1. Must be your common sense that is needed?

  2. Were they cute roofers? After all, Mike the Plumber from Desperate Housewives is quite the hottie.

    And I am glad you're back.

  3. Can you imagine living in that neighborhood? Today was supposed to be tree service #3 who blew me off, at least tree service # 2 showed up.


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