Friday, September 25, 2009

What a Difference in a Year- Shopping

Hi, my name is Jenny and I hate to shop. Really, I do and I only go when I absolutely have to. Today was one of those days, I did laundry this week and discovered that my youngest son's socks were gray and holey. Then on a phone call from #2 son, he asked if we could bring him some socks on a trip my husband is making down south next week. So off I went to JC Penny's where there was a lot of room to walk around the racks and shelves. Last year we were there to buy winter coats and there was hardly any room to walk. This year I had all kind of space and there was even a greeter at the door. The plus side to the downturn in the economy is the increase of customer service. I love good customer service, so please, come right on up and ask me if I need help and if I don't, I will thank you nicely. Let's hope that when the economy starts improving that stores will realize that shoppers like being able to move around a store and that we love customer service. All it takes is a smile and a willingness to help the customer. I ended up not hating my shopping excursion and even bought a dress shirt and tie along with the socks. It wasn't the end of the world.

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  1. I had a similar *good* experience today at Carson's (Bergner's or BonTon, depending on your part of the country). There was a long wait at the register in cosmetics (computer glitch of some sort) and so the clerk waiting on me kept throwing sample after sample into my bag to thank me for my patience. I wasn't even upset (hell, we all have had computers burp on us during the workday). It was so ... pleasant!


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