Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting Old and Falling Apart

Back in January while watching a Patriot's game, I had crossed my legs for the entire game while knitting. I know, bad thing to do, but since then, I my leg has just not felt right. Then the extra days that I have had working on my feet all day and just getting a little bit more physical last weekend ( golf and gardening) just put it over the edge for me. Nothing felt good, whether I was sitting, standing or laying down. At this point, I didn't know whether to ice or put heat on it. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and my pressing some areas on the outside of my thigh by my hip and above my knee, the intensity of pain led to the diagnosis of Iliotibial band syndrome.

Based on what I have read, I probably did some wrong stretches on it after the knitting episode to relieve that pain. But I have to admit, the huge amounts of motrin that I am now taking along with icing my thigh has really helped. Yet, the idea of going to Rehab and having one of the young, buff guys help me stretch is certainly appealing (maybe I won't tell my doctor that it's working....).

It's strange that I am prone to pinched nerves and inflammation to muscles. After working on my inlaws computer once, I ended up with a numb arm and knot the size of a plum on the back of my shoulder. Wish I was younger and swimming again, life was less painful back then and my muscles were never an issue. The problem I have lying ahead of me, is the time that I have to give this current injury to heal, I won't be able to do much walking and the lack of exercise will have to be off set by me eating less. Summertime + eating less = No Fun. I guess I can hope for calmer days to go kayaking.


  1. Ouch sounds painful. I hardly ever cross my legs anymore, it's uncomfortable to begin with, so I'm reminded quickly to uncross.

    Love your new look of your template.

  2. Hmmmm I am older than you and sitting at the computer, I have my legs crossed. . . and this after a full ten days of moving things from big storage to smaller storage and sorting and giving away stuff on free cycle.

    hehehe with your "luck," you will probably get some ugly, mean woman for re-hab! lol

    I really am sorry that you are hurting but I had to have my "fun" first since you are much younger than me.

  3. You, of all the sport fans I know, should know it is possible to pull the tendons along the hip

  4. While I am sorry you're hurting, I loved the paragraph where you compare a fistful of OTC pain killers and the healing hands of young, buff guys. I guess like golf or gardening, you just naturally gravitate to right tool for the job.


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