Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And the Snow, Snow, Snow kept tumbling down

"Aren't you afraid of him falling?" My mother asked me, when I told her that my husband was spending another Saturday afternoon shoveling the roof.

"Heck no! If he falls, he's going to land in 4 - 6 feet of snow"

It's the story of the week in NH, the weight of snow on roofs and the fact that we are so close to breaking the record.

According to WMUR: Currently we are at 109.7" of snowfall in Concord. That has us in 2nd place for highest snowfall in a winter season since 1900 and only the third time we've reached 100" since 1900!

ALL TIME records: We are now in 6th place for Concord.

1) 1873-74 122.0"

2) 1872-73 115.0"

3) 1995-96 113.2"

4) 1886-87* 111.0"

5) 1887-88* 111.0"

6) 2007-08 109.7"

That's a lot of snow without many days of melting. It just keeps piling up as you can see from the photo show.

Paulie- If I could ship some to you, I would!!


jennymcb's Snow 2008 NH photosetjennymcb's Snow 2008 NH photoset


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Oof, sorry! Um...no snow here. Nada. We might get some tomorrow, but it sounds like it'll just be snow showers. But last year, ohhhh, last year was our snow year. No thanks. But we get our snow in March and April, so it's still out there! ;)

  2. Sounds like here. Freaking snow...
    Hang in there!

  3. OK, I vow to stop complaining seriously - maybe I should mail you a dozen outdoor heaters to melt the dreaded white stuff.

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