Friday, November 30, 2007

No TT13, But Look at what I Discovered!

On Wednesday evening, I parked myself in my usual laptop, couch position and had a TT13 in mind. After 15 minutes of trying to get to links, I realized that something was very wrong with my internet connection. Upon further investigation, it was the massive patch download that my sons were in the middle of for World of Warcraft that just sucked the life out of my internet browsing. I took it to be a sign from above that I should do something else with my time than watch the pretty mac ball as internet pages very slowly loaded.

So now I have a finished hat which OMG looks a little big. I just finished it this morning, so I haven't had a chance to have my son try it on. Luckily, my kids have huge heads, really, it's true. Pictures will be up tomorrow. Since I got a lot of it done on Wednesday, I used last night to get it just about finished. Last night, that would have been around 9 pm by the time I got home from driving my son to a friend's house for a project and then attending a coach's meeting. ( Am beginning to really realize how cold watching a Nordic ski event is going to be....)

However, because my husband was traveling this week, I have had complete and total control of the television. It stayed off the first two nights, but on Wednesday, I made the mistake of watching Project Runway. I was really surprised to find out that it's a great reality show. The contestants don't vote each other out, but it's based on talent. It's amazing to me how talented people can be. Can you even imagine buying fabric one day and then the next day having a model walk your creation down the runway? And of course with talent comes some quirkiness, so I love the contestants' snarky comments.


  1. I feel like I'm offering an addict crack here, but I heard a commercial on Bravo for a Runway Marathon.

  2. LOL, on Wed. I watched the first three shows back to back. Almost made me want to pick up a needle and thread.

  3. it is truly amazing what talented people can accomplish.

  4. I did not comprehend a word you said. . . oh well, there's hope for tomorrow.


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