Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where do you find time?

Are you juggling a busy family life and career?

Are you working full time and still manage to blog?

Do you have your hands full with multiple projects but succeed in keeping all of them under a reasonable control?
Can you still find time for your favourite hobby despite the loads of work and tons of daily responsibilities?

Vivien at Inspiration Bit has another group writing project and this one is about Time Management. If you answer yes to any of the questions to the right, then you can write about how you make it all work for you. I participated in the last writing project on Sources of Inspiration and it was a great experience. ( My entry) Why? Because it made me think about organization in my writing along with writing with a purpose. Sometimes that parochial school background makes me like "assignments" and the challenge of writing coherently....

One offshoot of the last writing project was the huge spike I had on my blog when the Inspiration project made it to digg it. Not that I kept that spike going, but come on folks, don't we love to have people read our blog?

Sometimes my blog sounds like I juggle time well, but my house would beg to differ. I will be writing for this next project. Does it sound like something you would be interested in? At least check out Inspiration Bit to get more detailed information about the project.


  1. Thanks for the promotion, Jenny. Look forward to your entry!

  2. I'm wondering how they'd react to the Balancing Meme I did on this very subject. Do you remember it? The band ran circles around Kermit Ladd, Intrepid Journalist. It was a hoot -- but might be too flip for what looks like a pretty no-nonsense place.

    Let me know what you think. You know the place better than I do.

  3. I think I'll give this a go - I seem like I'm treading water most days but somehow I manage, now I have to figure out how I do it and write it down....eeek stress!


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