Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Transistions

I love Tuesday blogging, my work week is half over and I don't have to really think creatively until tomorrow night for Thursday Thirteen. There's some exciting stuff going on here. A friend of mine has four kittens and we may be getting one, I think my two younger sons and I couldn't believe that my husband didn't put up a fight. ( Now this is where I find out if my oldest son in college or his girlfriend reads my blog...wonder when I will get a phone call?) More on that later this week.

Penny over at Just Bloggin' Along has tagged me with The Name Game.

The rules: List one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use one you would like to have. Tag one person for each letter of your middle name.

- Mother, somedays I just look at my kids and wonder where the time went from when they were babies to the big galumpers that they are now. Being a mother, makes me appreciate my mother that much more. (Yes that "happy" baby would be me!)

- Absurd. Sometimes I just come up with the dumbest, visual images. My latest was last week at the golf course with my friends. We all played terrible, but on one particular hole, every chip onto the green with it's undulating hills had us all talking to our balls in the air. "Come Back, Come Back"...it just brought to mind the scene in Titanic where Rose is freezing to death on the door calling to her rescuers. Pretty absurd mind...but I found it amusing. We have a lot of movie references and repeated dialogue in our family.

- Reading, I love to read. Would read above anything else if I wasn't so compulsive about finishing books. Blogging has been great for finding new books and authors to read. This blog is about the best book that I read this past summer: Double Bind.

- Imagination. I like to think about the what ifs. Especially on the golf course when my golf balls refuse to follow the imagined course of flight. My imagination is really active during big Powerball weeks....

- Ebony Ann, my husband and I had the bestest Black Lab ever. Seriously, we got her when she was a year old and she was trained for obedience competitions. The absolute best dog to bring anywhere. Based on our experience with her, I don't think we would have the ability to give another dog a chance.

I think that many have already done the Name Game Meme, so I won't be tagging. But if you haven't and want to give it a go, link on back and I will check it out.


  1. I liked you name meme. I did mine awhile back. Or was it my cat Gretchen, I forget.

    Just stopped by to say hi, haven't been here in awhile.

  2. Interesting! BTW, check your last sentence for a missing word. . .

  3. Enjoyed the post but most of all, I love the photo of you as a kid. WHY SO SERIOUS, Little Jenny? You have such a solid sense of humor now. Is it something you developed as an adult? Or are you thinking wacky, subversive and funny things in that photo, but are simply concealing it?

  4. I think it was the whole dress thing...LOL


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