Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Shopping Alternative for the Best Deals for the Holidays

Still on the Christmas shopping theme because here's an on line site to save time and money. Have you ever done the whole getting up early and racing from one mall to the next the day after Thanksgiving to get all the "Black Friday" Bargains? The reason why it's called Black Friday is because retailers would show big profits and go into the black during the holiday shopping season for which the Friday after Thanksgiving is considered to be the beginning. So for stores to make a lot of money, they need a lot of people in the stores. That's where on-line sites such as has 2007 thanksgiving specials where you can skip the stores on Black Friday and do all your shopping from home.

If there is an item like an extra memory card for a camera that you have your eye on, you can sign up in advance for email alerts to find out which store has the best deal. Currently, Staples and Best Buy are already listed and the geek that I am, I will be checking out those ads to see what I can order on line once the stores start releasing their ads. Give me my laptop, a hot cup of coffee and the ability to compare video games' prices from the on-line stores listed on and I think I will skip out of standing in lines on Black Friday. Running around on one Black Friday was enough for me!


  1. I've never been a Boxing Day Shopper (here in Canada that's the shopping frenzy day.) I'm still having too much fun with my family. Also, I've never been able to set any money aside to get all those deals. Hopefully by the time I'm ever in the position to shop for 70%-off stuff, I'll also have a credit card to shop online. I'm definitely not keen on the whole PayPal thing.

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM is a cheap and bad copy of the two TOP Black Friday web sites: and BFads and Gottadeal are the only two Black Friday Sites that repeatably get accurate Black Friday Ads first. All of the other sites then copy their stuff and then post them on thier sites sometimes even claiming they are the first ones to get them. The most accurate and lastest Black Friday info can only be found on and Check them out. Once you use them, you won't use any other site

    Black Friday Pro Shopper

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM

    The Staples and Best Buy ads on site are last years black friday ads. This site sucks. I use the web site mentioned in a previous comment, data is always up to-date. Currently, only the 2007 Black Friday Ace Hardware ad is the only leaked BF ad. No other posted BF ads from any other stores are out.


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