Monday, July 02, 2007

It's all in the timing for a kid

Today while getting my lunch in the hospital cafeteria, I noticed a young father with his son who was about 4-5 years old. Watching the interaction, I knew that the little boy was now a big brother and that Mom was upstairs in maternity with a new baby. And how did I figure this out? Because the boy wanted some candy and Daddy bought it right away. That kid was in the middle of a payout moment, he didn't even realize it; he had Daddy's full attention and wallet in his little hand. It's so cute to see the big brothers and sisters at the hospital, especially on the elevator. The elevator ride and the candy are the highlights! ( What can I say? we don't have a lot of elevators in NH.....)
Back in my day, kids weren't allowed in hospitals, we didn't get those moments with Dad in the cafeteria. Instead we were with Grandparents or other relatives who spoiled us rotten. My favorite memory of my kids coming in to visit me after having a baby, was my oldest holding his new brother in his lap in bed with me and rubbing his ears like he used to rub his Teddy's. Then when he helped to bring the baby back to the nursery, here is this bossy little three year old telling the nurses, that they better take good care of his little brother.
Where does the time go? It was a lot easier when candy was the only thing they wanted.


  1. kid could have asked for a playstation 3 and may have actually gotten it

  2. Love this post! It brought back a charming memory: When my nephew was born, his 7-year-old sister INSISTED I show up at the hospital. (I had a cold and was worried about sharing it.) Turns out she it wasn't her new brother she was eager to show off. It was ... you guessed it ... the elevator and the vending machines. She felt so wise and mature and independent, navigating those hospital hallways and showing me the way.

  3. My kids got to meet their sibling when they got home from hospital. Since we were a military, no grandparents close by to watch kids. Usually another Navy family would take ours for the short time.


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