Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy as a Bee Crafting

First set of Afghan SquaresWhere have I been? Let's put it this way, Shelly has a box of squares heading her way tomorrow.I have been crocheting up a storm and then beading today. Yesterday, my friend Rose called to learn how to make the Squares since she already knew how to crochet. An hour visit turned into three hours of sitting on my back porch crocheting. She brought over a box of yarn that someone had left at work and we went through it splitting up the yarn. After watching her crochet, I realized that by crocheting with my right hand which is definitely not my dominant side that Afghan Tags.JPGthe whole gauge thing Fuzzy Afghan squares.JPGis going to remain to be difficult for me.

Nursery variegated colors .JPGI played around with the different yarns and even though the "fuzzy" yarn is tough to work with, it does make a cozy square. The thicker yarns require only four rows of shells, and I have had to go down to a G hook. It's been a fun activity to do while watching the Red Sox play and of course I crochet at my own son's games. I posted all my week's crafts on the flickr badge which I wasn't able to put in the post.
Rose's Squares
Alas, no beach for me yet this summer. The past three days have felt like September here in NH. Between the windy, stormy weather of Friday to the cool, crisp day yesterday, it has not been the best beach weather. I am back to two days off a week, so I have a better chance of hitting a beach day. Now that my kids are teenagers/young adult, I can now relax on the beach. Any other beach lovers out there?

(Okay, so posting images should be a lot easier than it is for blogger, especially when the image uploader is not working)

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  1. I just checked mine again- I now have an R rating. Use the word penis and you'll be a naughty blogger too!

  2. Those squares are great! I love the green/yellow ones and the ones with the furry yarn.

    I ended up almost making 15 this weekend and then I had to stop and work on my ripple for my daughter.

    I know she likes the colors now as she saw me working on the squares and put in a request for would you believe 'multi colored afghan'...too cool!

    I love to beach too, so far we've had a few good days but they're not hot enough yet.

  3. You are making squares like crazy, Lady! I can't wait to get those in the mail. This is getting exciting around here. I'm going to have to devote a whole room of the house to storing these afghans!

  4. GREAT job on the squares!

    I am rated PG because I say "breast" five times. I am pretty sure every time is referring to breast cancer.

    I have been to the beach a few times. However, it has been to train. For the last month or so my friend and I have been getting there at about 7AM and swimming .75 miles. Something tells me that's not the kind of beach time you!

    I have been pretty scarce on the blogging scene lately. That will change once this triathlon training is over.

  5. Wow, your squares are so pretty!! I am still trying to master the multi color thing..


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