Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WANTED: Time to Exercise

Exercising harder keeps weight off longer according to an article published yesterday through Reuters. Wow, now I just have to find 75 minutes a day to exercise. Right now my neighbor has the time and she is doing phenomenal on Weight Watchers. However, she is the first one to say that she can do it, because her kids are grown and out of the house. I am just going along slowly in the weight loss program, at .9 lbs per week. Last night was a big -.6, it's time for me to get more exercise. I can find 101 reasons about what I do instead of exercising and I am still looking for the chart on blogging and calories burned.

What does my exercise consist of? Well this week, it's going to be helping out at two track meets and possibly one practice. Luckily for me, it's not cross country because I can't run to save my life. Hey, can't....that's a word I only use for running. Even when I was a kid running to school because I didn't want to be late, I would have to stop because I had cramps. In junior high, I became the team manager of the track team. Now I am afraid to even start running, what if I look stupid?

Someday, I will run which I think will be the key to my weight loss. How do I know this? I have a 45 year old brother in excellent shape who runs about 8 miles every day or so, not because he loves running, but because he loves to eat! Time to get that ipod going and try the couch-to-5k running program, again. I tried it last fall and it was sad, very sad, I cheated on a few of the runs and walked. Maybe some people just aren't meant to run. Any new runners out there? How did you do it?


  1. Hey, I need that advice too! I would love to run - I used to run as a kid and I almost joined our Cross Country team in high school, I wish I really would have.

    I haven't run in so long that when I try my form is terrible and I just can't do it.

    I've been walking and bike riding and I do have an elliptical that I can use when the weather is uncooperative.

  2. I'm not a runner -- never was. But I love to walk. Two years ago I walked the Portland Marathon and finished. . . and I was not last! I need to get out and walk more now but hate walking in the rain and we seem to get a lot of it this year. It is not that I don't like rain, I just wish it would rain when I was sleeping.

    We have wonderful paved trails all over our city for walkers, bikers and just about anything but cars. It is one of the reasons I moved back here after teaching in California.

    Right now I am busy packing for my move next month that I don't give myself time to get out and walk the trails even when the sun shines.

  3. Last year -- before I entered my current and lamentable Fat Pigeon phase -- I walked around the high school jogging track, trying to see how much time I could knock off my 10,000 steps. I came to really enjoy it. 12 times around the track, 5K, 10,000 steps and done. Beginning, middle and end. I like that. And I was heartened by so many women who were even older or in even worse shape (YES! They do indeed exist!) who were out there, too, also trying their damndest. Hopefully, as my knee mends and the days get longer, I can return to it. Keep us posted on how you're doing!

  4. I used to love to run...but it's hard on the arthritic knees and ankles. Exercise is really the only way to keep the weight off. Stop talking about it or you are going to make me get off my fat rear and do it!
    I've challenged you at my place...

  5. I will stick to race walking.

    Well I still need to get back to that level.

    My husband is getting back into running - starting walking first, now walks 2min then runs 1min and so on....

  6. I am NOT a runner, but I will have to be one along with a swimmer & biker in just over two months for a sprint triathlon.

    I started running a little bit just over three weeks ago. I started off with a slow run until I feel I need to walk to catch my breath. I walk for about a minute and then start running again until I need to rest. I have run about 8 times since I began training for the tri. I can now run 2 miles without stopping for a catch my breath walk. We won't talk about the time on that two miles though...lol!

    If I can do it, anyone can! Good luck with your couch to 5k! www.beginnertriathlete.com also has a couple couch to 5K programs.


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