Saturday, May 19, 2007

Humming a Pooh Tune and Missing the Sun

Geraniums in the rain

...The rain, rain, rain came down, down, down
In rushing, rising riv'lets...

We may have to change the April showers brings May flowers to May rains...Last May was bad enough in NH, but this past week has not won any Sunny day awards. Weather like this reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, and I begin humming, " The rain, rain, rain came down, down, down In rushing, rising riv'lets". Luckily our riv'lets are still rivlets, wish we could send some of the rain down to Florida where they need it. Everything is so green and verdant, grass is growing faster than we can cut it and all my gardens need weeding. It's just got to dry out!

But if I could pick a Saturday not to rain, this would be the day! My husband got tickets for the Red Sox game this afternoon and is now on his way to Boston with #1 and #3 sons. My #2 son is going to the prom tonight and for pictures we are meeting for pictures at 5 pm at the bandstand in town which will be crowded due to the rain. Those events are minor in comparison to UNH's graduation today, where they have former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton as speakers. How cool would that be?

Here it is almost 11 am and I am sitting here in my bathrobe, drinking my coffee, checking out the news and blogging on the computer and it is so peaceful. #2 is out earning some money, ( Thank God!!!) helping a friend of ours move his company stuff today. Can I just say that I am so happy that he skipped track practice on Wednesday when he thought it got canceled due to rain and his "punishment" was to not be able to go to the last track meet? It's not like he he has even been placing and it would have meant me going, just so I could pick him up to be home early to get ready for prom. At least he is doing something productive today versus hanging out in the cold, raw rain at a track meet. Please, please, please think positive job hunting vibes and send them our way. My #2 who is 16 years old really needs to get a job and he has an interview at Wendy's this Tuesday.

My first job was at a discount clothes store in our downtown square and I worked every Thursday and Friday evening and then all day Saturday. Remember polyester leisure suits? Polyester clothes, the smell brings back memories of the place. I made $2.30/hour and thought that was great! But what I remember about working while in high school, is that it got me out of my small insulated world of family and school. What was your first job? How old were you?

Working exposes us to kinds of people and my #2 is shyer than people would expect and he needs to get out and work with others. I used to enjoy joking around with all the people I worked with. Hopefully he will have the same opportunities, plus earn some money for gas, college, and gain some independence.


  1. I hate rain also -- wish it would only rain at night when I am sleeping! LOL Those people that are awake and working that shift probably are saying the same thing about me and my time and that is why I am getting rain. lol Actually, I should be grateful we just had a shower last evening --we have had nice weather between 68 and 81 the past few days.

    I finally wrote in both my blogs again -- made a card for granddaughter's shower.

  2. Naturally I had my radio with me all day, listening to the Cubs/Sox Crosstown Classic. And when the announcer prattled off the scores of the other games, I thought of your hubby and sons watching the Red Sox reign victorious. (That was "reign," not "rain!")

  3. I loved my first job! It was at a tiny, local frozen custard place! If I remember correctly there were only about 6 employees besides the couple who owned the place. We all became like a little family.


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