Monday, May 14, 2007

Drawing Blood is Like Riding a Bike

...I don't think sugar was the "sh" sounding word that she was thinking of...

Once you have been taught a skill and perform it for years, you never forget how to do it. Today, I realized that I had less than a week to pass my competency for drawing blood if I was going to work next Sunday. With some fancy pleading, I was able to hang out with my good friend A over at a Family Health Center versus the On campus patient care center. The difference?? Oh, about 40 years for the average age of patients. I got to stick some prime, young veins versus the senior coumadin crowd. Must say that I did okay, passed on one young lady who proceeded to yell "Sugar" when A drew her, I don't think sugar was the "sh" sounding word that she was thinking of.

The biggest difference for me is having to wear gloves for the whole procedure. Back in my day, we didn't wear gloves and liked it, course we didn't know any better. So I am back in the saddle again, ready to hit the road, in for the long haul, yep, I am officially a blood drawing Medical Technologist and not just the "suit" in the office. See, I can wear two hats and this old dog can learn new tricks.

So how was your Monday?


  1. I kept repeating, "i know what i'm doing. I do!" in my head all day while I worked a job i haven't worked in 3 years. Sorta similar to what you're going through ;)

  2. You are just a young pup, sweetie. And, I promise I will never, never, no not ever call you "vampire."

  3. I'm donating blood this Thursday. Hope the hands I'm in are as steady and smart as yours.

  4. Hey, Jen. The spousal unit came home and suggested a photo to go with my post today. We just put it up...

  5. Good job!

    BTW, I wrote a comment back to you on my blog.

  6. The Gal's comment reminds me that I really need to donate blood.

    The last few times I went I was bleeding so slowly I think I annoyed them. Are there any tips on how to improve that? Maybe if I drank a lot of water ahead to make my veins plumped up.

    Oh, I tagged you today if you want to play!


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