Wednesday, May 16, 2007

#14, 13 Random Blog Musings

I got my name in lights with
My 13 Random musings are all about blogging.

1. Thanks to Dana at Life Turned Upside Down for the Thursday 13 header idea, she had a contest for the weirdest google search that listed your blog. I didn't know how to find my keywords, but she had some good ones submitted.

2. Since I have been blogging, I haven't been playing games over at Pogo. I might have to get over there and play some Spades. The game is a riot to play since people play as if it's life or death.

3. 90 postings on my blog, not sure what the last thing I did 90 of....oh yea, that bag of peanut butter chocolate kisses that I scarfed down in March. I just didn't fall off the Weight Watcher Wagon, I jumped off ! Umm, Hershey's has a Cordial Cherry kiss.... What's your favorite Kiss?

4. I still haven't found my literary "voice", what the heck is that? It's how you write that sets you apart from everyone else. The words that you hear in your head, the conversations that you have with yourself and the way you view the world. I think my brain is going off in too many directions for me to grab a thought and blog about it.

5."Blog Reading Overdrive"- BRO: a condition affecting bloggers everywhere, the more we blog, the more we read, the more we read, the more blogs we have as links and then the guilt sets in (it's my upbringing, guilt is in my bones). Just not getting to all my links to read them as often I as I want to. How do you all do it? Read, comment and write and respond to comments?

6. Blog envy, still tweaking and playing with my template, so many toys and blog rolls. Word Press is looking good, but I think that I need to give blogging another 6 months before I invest in a website.

7. I miss Annie at Blog U, can't wait for her to be all moved into her new house so I can have some more fun with this blog. She has great little lessons and help on blog stuff, in all my blog help searches, her blog is the best format for examples.

8. Cooking blogs, oh man, I have found some great ones in the past few weeks and now have a cooking blog bookmark folder. Where do people find the time? Annie from Blog U has a pretty blog with recipes, Buttermilk Clouds

9. Cooking blogger and Thursday Thirteener: Cooking by the Seat of my Pants

10 Just Recipes is another cooking blogger with a nice crisp looking template, her banner looks good enough to eat and she has a recipe for Peanut Butter and Fudge Brownies with Salted Peanuts.

11. This site is just incredible, 52 cupcakes, just imagine the pressure that the blogger has to come up with 52 cupcake recipes throughout the year. What happens if she runs out of ideas in July? Does she write about cupcakes forever? Maybe I should do a 52 theme?? I think I first saw the link at Just for Fun ,

12. Amy finished up her Blogging contest at Amy's Random Thoughts this week and she made us work, LOL, I did find a really great book blog written by a librarian called Maggie Reads. Now that I have found and bookmarked the site, I think I will read some of the latest Newberry award books and maybe get #3 son reading some good "stuff".

13. Contests all over the place! Tea has a knitting Contest at Tea Time Ramblings.

Check out the post below and An Island Life's Vacation Picture contest.

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  1. Food! I'm on a 9 day detox diet eeK!

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I love blogs...blogging. I have found some of the craziest things on BLOGS. :) Great TT! Have a happy Week!

  3. Ah Blogging my favorite addiction!!!

    Mama Kelly

  4. I loved your 'random musings'!

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog but the right hand side is getting to be such a clutter of things that I don't like it as much as I used to. . .

  6. I love your blog - it's looking really great!

    You're so right though - with your BRO, and it happens quite suddenly.

    A few months back I had no readers and I figured that was it, I was going to give my blog a fine funeral and send it on its way - and now, I'm visiting people like crazy - it's probably the addictive nature in me as well as the fact that everyone's blogs are so interesting!

  7. That's quite the header? It puts the rest of us to shame.

    ANd yes, posting the way to make those swords would be cool.

  8. Jen, These are some great links! BRO is a problem I'm having, too. I don't "go out" to work right now. I don't know how you find time at all. Do you sleep?

    Good TT.

    PS, your blog is loading slower. Is it the sidebar?

  9. I've definitely been suffering from BRO lately. So many great blogs, so little time...

    As for #3, my favorite kind of Hershey's kisses are the mint chocolate ones, but I can only find them around Christmas, so I have to settle for Andes Mints during the rest of the year. I really like the white-chocolate Hugs too. This is why I try to avoid candy as much as possible - I like it too much! :-)

  10. Thanks for stopping by, and may I suggest Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Holes by Sachar, or Hoot by Hiaasen for your young readers? Happy Blogging! :)

  11. I feel like you can SEE ME through the monitor! I'm actually reading your blog during a Pogo time-out! Pogo is positively addictive, even though I kinda suck.

  12. will have to check these out! Happy TT!

  13. byw I like all the Hersheys including the cherry ones, they are so amazing!

  14. Oh! I luv "Maggie Reads".

    (And, the only bad thing about blogging is that it keeps me away from other things; reading, walking, gardening, housework...hmm- wait....)

  15. Cherry cordial hershey's? I need to find these.

  16. Some interesting blog ideas here.

    I wish I had time for tweaking.

  17. You sure know how to blog. Great intro...

  18. I love blogs; I love blogging. And, oh, yes, I am addicted. I try to answer comments within the post comments - most people don't have emails that I can find. If they do comment personally to me, I respond. But, man, it takes lots of time.

    Check out my TT.

  19. I love your blog and try to come here daily!

    I might have eaten 90 mocha almonds today! GRRRR! I need to go ride or run them off! It wasn't really 90, but I probably shouldn't have had any. PMS really can get the best of me some days!

    I am going to check out some of those links you have here!

    Once again a great TT! Have a wonderful Thursday!


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