Sunday, April 22, 2007

Glorious Spring Weather Finally

Two track meets on two absolutely gorgeous days here in New England started off a busy weekend for us. The first track meet on Friday was for five middle school teams. Now I don't know if you are familiar with middle school kids, but they are an enthusiastic group of kids who have been stuck inside the past couple of months due to our winter that ended last weekend. Everybody and their brother ran in the races. The meet went from 3:45 to 7:45 pm, but as I said to one dad who was itching to get home and complaining about the number of heats in the races, "Given the events of Monday in Virginia, this is a great place for us to be at this moment." I hate standing around at track meets since they are so long, so I volunteer to time the races. Volunteering makes the time fly and I so love giving the times to the kids and seeing their expressions. ( And oh by the way, so glad to be a mom of boys....eyeliner for a track meet? I can't put eye liner on to save my life! I got a kick out the girls.)

At the high school meet, I volunteered to help out with shot put since that is the event #2 son does along with discus ( where Dad volunteered). Our little volunteer stint now has my thighs crying out in pain due to the multiple squats of being one of the measurers. My husband's butt is hurting him which leads me to think that we have to compare squat techniques to tone both back and front. We were all pretty tired and cranky last night. Yes, all you blogging moms with little ones, cranky times occur with teenagers and it's definitely not pretty or pleasant.

Wish I could get more creative today, but lab week beckons and I have to work do for that. I will write more about lab week tomorrow to highlight the all the wonderful things that our laboratory staff does.


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend time as a family - I agree with you there could be worse ways to spend our time and we should all be glad that we are able to do so.

    I had a great weekend and I'll post about it later on.

  2. I like your comeback to the complaining father. Go Girl! Sorry about your thighs. Don't tell those blogging mommies about teenagers!! When they turn into teenagers, you find out why some animals eat their young!
    Take care!

  3. hey there!! nice post for today!!! thanks for dropping my blog!

    you're right, it's not easy being a parent, esp. in these times of turmoil. our kids need a more stable home atmosphere.

    btw, i've linked your blog to mine coz i'd like to drop by your blog again and read some more. you have lots of interesting posts that i'd like to read again. hope the link's ok with. if not, pls. let me know so i can take the link off. thanks.

  4. great family time and great memories!
    Glorious weather here also!


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