Sunday, January 22, 2006

Technical Aspects of Blogging: A learning process

So after seeing the Flickr badge on Konton's blog, I just wanted to have one on my page. Sounds easy, simple enough to do if I had more detailed directions, I should learn more about html! I finally joined the Bloggers forum over at flickr and a person was kind enough to give me the simple direction that I needed. Where to paste the badge in the sidebar. Mission accomplished.

This weekend has been pleasantly spent with my family. Only one basketball game to attend where Bub's team finally won a game! We got to walk around New England College before the game and we weren't sure if the students were even back from break yet. But it is such a pretty location next to the river and we made the quick loop through town, through the college and over the wooden bridge back to the elem. school. Incredible to think that here it is the coldest part of the year, and we are walking in sweaters and sweatshirts with only about 2-4 inches of snow here and there!

We discovered Kitten Wars this weekend and we sent in some kitten pictures of our own. Punk has won a couple and we haven't seen Muffin yet. However, we are expecting Muffin to end being a "loser", since she is such a homely cat. It is mindless, clean entertainment. Earlier this week, we played name that tune using Itunes and guessing the song within so many seconds using the preview through the store. Another cheap, entertaining use of the internet.

Two more days of midterms, then back to the routine. My group of kids had their team classes already, so now I will just get a few in with their electives. I am planning on using the time to get caught up with sped paperwork, export my saved emails and prepare for an upcoming evaluation meeting. For the most part, teachers did a great job of modifying for the students which has made it much easier than three years ago when I started full time.


  1. GREAT flickr!

    good luck with the paperwork and thanks for the reminder to get to work on mine. NCLB is gonna be the death of me :( (or early retirement)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I enjoyed reading about your challenges with technology. I too have to fiddle and mess with things on my own to figure them out. The idea about using an ipod to study with is interesting. My 20 year old is returning to college after a year of musing and he's really into the whole ipod thing.


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