Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just not in the blogging mood

  • Read two books and just too lazy to write about them, but maybe later this week.
  • Watched my cats freak out when a humming bird landed at the humming bird feeder. (not my humming bird feeder picture on this post, but my parent's....I am just so unmotivated to get a camera out and wait........)
  • Went out on a lady's night out and was one of the first ladies home Friday night, just getting old and after dancing to Mustang Sally, that was it for the night. ( And no, nobody came up and commented on my fine dance moves) And when did Underarmor become a dress shirt for old guys, big time gross out.
  • Made some squares for my son's afghan, but then it was too hot to have that yarn on my lap.
  • Oldest is heading out to college tomorrow, so there's last minute search and find missions going on
  • Time of the month and it flat out is a pain this weekend. I just want to lie in bed to nap and read.
  • Too freaking hot yesterday, God bless you all down south, don't know how you do it consistently.
  • Worked on the football team parent contact list, had to send each email out individually b/c heaven forbid Apple mail tells me which address is wrong when giving me an error message.
  • Best part of the weekend???? Lobster for $5.99/lb, great lunch idea.
  • If I hear one of my kids yell at the Madden 2008 football game one more time, I may not be responsible for my actions. You will see my interview in my prison garb by Oprah on her next "Mothers who Lose It" because I refuse to be seen on any of the morning shows.
  • Please God, let me sleep tonight.
  • And oh, my youngest wanted to know if the ball sack would explode under pressure, I just shook my head and don't even know if I want to look that one up on google.
  • So how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like a life goes on post to me. Sometimes it's best to just go with it.

  2. That was great.

    Ball sack? lol Tell him I think it would!

  3. I am interested in knowing what books you read.

    LOL @ ball sack!

  4. I had a great weekend. Got all my stuff moved from the other place (not all from storage yet tho) and been thinking about getting my Christmas tree up again -- I leave it up all year usually but it has been packed away all summer since I moved. Now that I have my own apt again, it will soon be up.

    Hope your new week gets better!

  5. You not in the mood to blog? I don't believe it!

    I love the idea of nice, cold lobster salad (at a price I can afford).


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